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Garage doors are a long term investment, just like the cars and tools they protect. While they do add the practical function of much needed security and protection, the aesthetic value cannot be ignored. As a long term investment, quality, convenience and longevity are the main factors you should be considering.

Commercial and residential garage doors:

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Our services include supply and installation of industrial and domestic garage doors, as well as roller shutter doors. We also supply and fit custom made Trellis security gates and fixtures for windows and doors. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free quotation should you wish to add value to your home or office-space.
Galaxy Doors was founded on more than 30 years of collective knowledge and experience. From being the underdog to becoming one of the biggest garage door suppliers in South Africa. We provide exceptional service, prices, after sales service and workmanship. 
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Our Garage Door Maintenance tips:

General Garage Door Maintenance tips:

Regularly treat your wooden door(about every 10 months), with high quality Silk wood oil which is also available from us, to ensure the door stays attractive for many years.

Regular Servicing:

Service your garage door and motor every 12 months to extend its lifetime even further!

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Our Garage Door Range:


10 Panel Wooden Door
20 Panel Wooden Door
30 Panel Wooden Door
Barn Door Wooden Door
Brick Glass Wooden Door
Gothic Wooden Door
Slatted Fingerjoint Wooden Door
Slatted Glass Finger Joint Wooden Door
Tuscan Glass Wooden Door


Double 20 Panel Wooden Door
Double 40 Panel Wooden Door
Double Barn Wooden Door
Double Glass Brick Wooden Door
Double Finger-Jointed Slat Wooden Door
Double Glass Finger-Jointed Slat Wooden Door
Double Gothic Wooden Door
Double Tuscan Glass Wooden Door


Bronze 20P
Bronze Slat
Brown 20P
Charcoal Slat
Charcoal 20P
Woodlook 20P


10P Opaque Aluminium doors
15P Custom Double Aluminium doors
20P Double Aluminium doors
Tuscan Double Aluminium doors
Dark Tuscan Wood & Aluminium Doors
Slat Infill Tuscan Wood & Aluminium Doors



Our garage door motors uses an innovative belt driven system that ensures that your garage door always opens smoothly and silently. 
This means you wont be waking up the neighbors when you open or close your garage doors, as our motors are designed to be extremely quiet.  Our Garage door motors also comes with the convenience of a battery back-up, ensuring that you wont be left stranded during one of Eskom's famous load-shedding or simple power failures.  


Improve your quality of life with the convenience of our automatic gate motors. Gone are the days of getting out of your vehicle, to slide open a heavy gate while leaving your car unguarded. (This is also a crucial moment that criminals like to attack).
At Galaxy Doors we believe in superior quality, thus we only supply & install the most well-known gate motor brands. So the only thing for you to do is just ensure that the bottom rail is always clean from leaves and stones to ensure smooth operation.


Silkwood is a deep penetrating oil, made with the finest raw materials which makes the wood more durable. Silkwood is unique, unlike other products on the market which just gives you a top coat. Silkwood gives you that elegant, immaculate finish you've always wanted with the protection of your garage doors and other wooden items like furniture or floors.

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