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As South Africans we have come to accept that crime is just a fact of life. We have made peace that living in this beautiful country means that we need to live with certain security precautions in place. Our security gates and burglar bars have been designed to offer maximum protection, while  still having an affordable pricetag.

Take back your feeling of safety

Imagine for one second waking up with criminals at your bedside. The feeling of extreme fear and confusion, not knowing if you or your family members will make it through the night. Now instead imagine hearing them out of breath while they are struggling to break through your strong security gates. Which option would you prefer?

Our Affordable Security Gates

We believe that security gates should be as affordable as possible, to help average South Africans feel safe in their offices and homes. That is why we have spent years finding the ideal balance between safety, quality and your budget.

Security gates for offices and homes

Our security gate range:

Sterling Security Gates

Our most popular security gates with a minimized look
Our Sterling range is fitted with 3 Line Single action cross-flights for affordable home protection
15mm Double upright reinforced open C- profile system
15mm wide cross flights
Fitted with Aluminum "Non Trip" low profile bottom track
One Slam Lock
One Hook Lock(Optional)

Gilded Security Gates

Offers the best of both worlds between budget and security
Our Gilded range is fitted with 3 Line Double action cross-flights for enhanced home protection
15mm Double upright reinforced open C- profile system
15mm wide cross flights
Fitted with Aluminum "Non Trip" low profile bottom track
One Slam Lock
One Hook Lock(Optional)

Advantages of our Trellis Gates

We strive to offer only the best trellis gates in South Africa and we only use SABS approved steel for all our trellis gates.

Our security products are also designed to contribute to improve the overall style of your home or office.

All products are custom made for each individual application, to ensure the strongest and neatest installation possible.

We offer a range of 6 stylish colors to choose from : Bronze, White, Black, Charcoal, Silver and Ivory.

We polyester powder coat all our products to increase durability and UV resistance. We offer different locking mechanisms , slam lock or dead locks.

All our products are fully framed all around to ensure the most secure installation.

Our doors have a double upright system which ensures maximum protection for your family and valuables.

No plastic components are used in any of our trellis gates.

Clearshield® Security

ClearShield® is a stainless steel woven mesh that is applied to provide a high level of see-through protection to windows, doors and other openings in your home with a neat aluminium frame. Clearshield® is the perfect choice for people looking for high window security with the added benefit of keeping insects, snakes and mosquitoes out too.

More about us:

We established our trellis gate section of Galaxy Doors under the name of Trellis Gate Factory in 2011. It was founded on collective security industry knowledge of more than 30 years. We are based in Bloemfontein and service a +-250km radius around the City of Roses.

Our research and development department is constantly upgrading and making improvements on our products
with the newest industry materials and innovations, as it becomes available.

We decided from the outset, that we wanted to add value to our clients lives, and this lead to our mission to offer the best possible quality products, at the best value for money with the most reliable service in the industry.


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At Galaxy Doors we strive to live up to our motto of  always adding value to properties in South Africa.
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